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South Point senior gets crafty

Some people reuse them as trash bags for tiny waste bins. Some people take their lunch to work in them. Dog owners bring them along while walking Fido. And others just throw them away.

Recycling and Litter Prevention Web Sites for Educators & Students

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Recycle City

This site features a map of a city where users can click on building and sections of the city to find out how the residents of Recycle City recycle, reduce and reuse waste. The site also includes games, activities, fun facts and wonderful graphics. Appropriate for grades 3-6. Students must be good readers in order to navigate this site by themselves.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Explorers' Club

This site features a variety of links to individual activities including an interactive story, games, puzzles, a coloring page and a comic book. Click on the 'Students and Teachers' link to find out about the many different learning opportunities that the U.S. EPA offers to educators and students both electronically and in print. Appropriate for grades K-6.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Student Center

This site gives students a variety of environmental subjects to explore including conservation, ecosystems, human health and waste and recycling. This site also gives students a chance to see what's going on (environmentally-speaking) in their neighborhood by clicking on the 'In your Neighborhood' link. Grades K-12 appropriate.

American Forest and Paper Association - Kids Take Action

Everything you ever wanted to know about trees, papermaking and paper recycling can be found on this site! Users should click on the 'Kids Take Action' link to access fun facts on trees, a paper recycling glossary and a quick history lesson on paper recycling. Appropriate for grades 4-6.

Steel Recycling Institute - Roscoe's Recycle Room

This site offers a fun environment for kids to learn fun facts about steel food cans, automobiles and appliances. The site also includes interactive games and a laboratory where students can conduct hands-on experiments and download activity sheets. Appropriate for grades K-3.

Ringleader Recycling Program - Quest for the Ringleaders Interactive Game

This site combines an interactive cyber-adventure game with an environmental story. Users try to solve the mystery of the floating plastic bottles and six-pack rings. Students must possess good reading skills to navigate this site. Appropriate for grades 4-6.

Kids Recycling Guide

This site provides a free interactive resource teaching students the importance of recycling. This site also provides teachers with a printable pdf of the guide, which includes quizzes, games, and fun facts about recycling.

Web Sites for Solid Waste Information

Ohio Division of Recycling & Litter Prevention

Ohio EPA

Ohio EPA: Division of Solid & Infectious Waste Management: Solid Waste Management District Clearinghouse

Contains a hyperlinked list of publications about all aspects of solid waste management in Ohio, including the State Solid Waste Management Plan (2001), the Solid Waste Facility Data Report (2000), and Reduction, Recycling, and Disposal in Ohio (1990-2000 data).

U.S. EPA: Office of Solid Waste

Alphabetical list of solid and hazardous waste topics

Office of Solid Waste FAQs and RCRA

Office of Solid Waste: Municipal Solid Waste

Office of Solid Waste: Recycling

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
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